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Episode 15 /

CraftQuest On Cast

Episode 15 features Ryan Irelan, who owns CraftQuest, an online training platform for Craft CMS and modern web development. He discusses his career path, which began with a job in the software industry, although his academic background is in German studies. Ryan explains how his experience teaching a foreign language later helped him teach technical content.

Ryan reflects on the challenges of broad competition and the pressure to create new courses to justify his time. Changing markets led him to adopt a subscription model for CraftQuest, providing subscribers with more varied and valuable content. With this approach, Ryan aims to continuously improve the learning experience for his audience while ensuring sustainability for himself as a course creator.

But he also answers questions about how he finds ideas for new courses, the process from the idea to the finished video, and his plans and wishes for CraftQuest. Pine Works is also introduced, a design and development agency with good ethics and strong opinions.

The episode is rounded off with topics such as how Ryan prevents burnout and community questions from Andrew Welch.