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We present Craft CMS and the whole ecosystem in detail in the podcast. Talks with developers, designers, and editors who use the user-friendly content management system. And, of course, news about releases and plugins.

Episode 13 /

Craft CMS - Ten Years and Beyond!

In today's episode, Thomas Sausen joins Brandon Kelly to celebrate 10 years of Craft CMS. Brandon is the founder and CEO of Pixel & Tonic, the team behind the CMS.

Episode 12 /

Selling a relationship - Running an agency

In the 12th episode of Craftentries, Andrew Armitage talks about the challenges behind his agency and what challenges lie ahead with AI, among other things.

Episode 11 /

Not hard to sell - using Craft CMS as an agency

Andrew Armitage, the founder of A Digital agency, is a seasoned expert in the digital industry who has worked with various content management systems over the years. Learn in this episode why Craft CMS is so helpful for his business.

Episode 10 /

Lost in the Sierra Nevada with Andrew Welch

In this podcast episode, Thomas Sausen is lost in the Sierra Nevada with Andrew Welch. Accompanies the two on a road trip from Apple to Craft CMS and SEOmatic.

Episode 9 /

From Dreamweaver to Craft - The story of a female web developer

Charlie Dowley talks about her journey as a web developer in a male-dominated industry. From her beginnings as a designer, her first steps with Dreamweaver, to years of working as a WordPress developer and finally to moving to Craft CMS.

Episode 8 /

Surviving a web development career

In the 8th episode John Henry Donovan tells how he literally survived his career as a web developer. His experiences as a speaker at web conferences and unexpected drastic health problems are also discussed.