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New in Craft CMS 3.2

Craft CMS 3.2 Teaser
After six months, Craft 3.2 has been released and focuses on a better user experience in the control panel. These innovations include headless preview, auto-save, and pagination of element indices.

To know every updated detail, you should read the complete changelogs.

Auto-save: As soon as an entry is edited, Craft creates a new draft and saves the changes automatically.

Preview Targets: With Craft Pro, it is possible to specify multiple locations available in the preview.

Headless preview: Drafts and revisions of entries can now be previewed when Craft is used as a headless CMS.

Pagination of element overview pages: The element overview pages are now displayed by pagination, where the total number of entries is also shown.

Entry index footer

Sorting by user-defined fields: Elements can now be sorted by their user-defined fields on their overview pages.

Enhancement of field types: Tables can now have dropdowns, email, and URL columns. Dropdown and multi-select fields can now have optgroups.

Linked element validation: It is now possible for authors to not publish a post until validation errors are fixed. For example, an image must have alt text; otherwise, "Fix validation errors in associated asset." will be displayed when saving, and double-clicking on File will show that the alt text must not be empty.

For developers

Multi-Site Element Queries: Query elements can be retrieved across multiple pages simultaneously.

Improved templating: Twig templates can now use the attr() function to generate HTML attributes. The |withoutKey filter removes a key from an array, and {% dd %} provides better variable dumping.

New console commands: The commands mailer/test, tests/setup, and resave/matrix-blocks have been added.

Testing Framework: Craft now includes a testing framework for plugins and projects that run with Codeception. Giel Tettelaar and Bob Olde Hampsink helped Pixel & Tonic with this.

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