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New in Craft CMS 2.4

Craft CMS 2.4 Teaser
It's been six months since the last major Craft release. Since yesterday Craft 2.4 has been available and brings over 60 improvements. Among them are supported SVG thumbnails and customizable selection buttons.

The full release notes are linked as always for those who want to read all the details.

So today we've released Craft 2.4, which brings over 60 additions and improvements, including SVG thumbnail support, redesigned user permissions, and two new Control Panel translations. - Pixel & Tonic

Customizable selection buttons

Individual selection buttons and labels can now be defined for assets, categories, entries, tags, and user fields. If you have a file field named Photo, the corresponding button can be called semantically correct, for example, "Add Photo".

Craft 2.4

Redesigned user management

A great convenience in user rights management is the addition of the "Select All" button, which selects all permissions within the group.

Permissions in Craft

Two new languages

Craft becomes more international as the Control Panel is now available in two more languages:

  • Czech
  • Slovakian
So Craft currently supports 18 languages.
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