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New in Craft CMS 2.3

Craft CMS 2.3 Teaser
Craft 2.3 has been released and brings with it over 230 improvements. This time the focus was on workflow efficiency and scalability. For example, the element indices and the matrix field have been revised.

Content editing directly on the overview page

Entries, categories, files, and users can now be edited directly from the respective overview page via a modal window. This modal is intended for minor work, such as changing status, replacing files, or deleting categories that are no longer used.

Entry index in Craft

New matrix

The matrix field has received a makeover. It is now possible to rearrange the blocks, expand and collapse them, deactivate/activate them or delete several blocks at once using a new menu at the edge of the field. It is also possible to add a help text to each block.

Matrix field batch menu in Craft

Five new languages

The Control Panel has been translated into five new languages:

  • Simplified Chinese
  • Hebrew
  • Korean
  • Spanish
  • Swedish

Currently, the CMS is now available in 15 different languages.

Further innovations

Different areas of the Control Panel now better handle hundreds or thousands of entries, categories, users, and files.

Plugins can use the new Element Actions API and new hooks to customize index element pages.

When a user is deleted, all its content can be transferred to a new user. UI of Structures and Categories has been further unified with that of Channels.

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