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New in Craft CMS 2.2

Craft CMS 2.2 Teaser
Craft 2.2 has been released and brings over 140 improvements and new features. There are a few visible innovations, from logout warnings to security improvements or the new position field.

The complete release notes are accordingly extensive, even if the significant innovation is not included.

Position field

The Position Select field is a button group that allows you to query multiple positions for an element. The choices include: left, center, right, full, drop-left, and drop-right.

Position field

Logout warnings

The control panel now warns you when you are about to log out due to inactivity, so you still get the chance to extend your session with a button click.

If you are logged out, a dialog box appears where you can enter your password. If the password entry is successful, you can continue working directly in the old place.

Single title and status

Singles now have - just like Channels and Structures - the settings for "Show the Title" field, "Title-Field Label" and "Title Format".

Security improvements

Craft now supports CSRF protection; the rich text field gets a setting for "Purify HTML", thanks to which the content goes through an HTML purifier, and possible malicious code is removed before the entries are stored in the database.


All the innovations are helpful and make the editorial system better. But I have to admit that there have been more exciting updates.

So, to keep the article from being too short, I'll point out two more announcements from Pixel & Tonic.

First, they have collaborated with Mijingo, aiming to present the essential features of Craft CMS in video form. So far, the video for the matrix has been published, but more are to follow. Mijingo is otherwise known for its video training courses around web development and Craft.

The documentation of Craft should constantly be improved. But it does mean not only, but also the documentation of the own PHP code. Therefore, each release has published and automatically updated the class reference.

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