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New in Craft CMS 2.1

Craft CMS 2.1 Teaser
Craft 2 has been available for two months and is a complete success. With the feedback regarding the pricing structure and the new features, Pixel & Tonic is very satisfied.
The response to the new features and pricing model was overwhelmingly positive, and excitement surrounding the platform is at an all-time high right now. We feel so honored to be able to serve you guys – you’ve made this whole CMS thing a lot of fun. - Pixel & Tonic

Craft 2.1 offers 90 new features and improvements, most with a focus on user management as well as improving entry management. The patch notes can be viewed here.


Some changes have been made to the entries. For example, when saving an entry, notes of the changes can be stored so that other editors can better understand them.

Also, the drafts' names can now be changed by hand and are thus more understandable for everyone.

Draft notes 2.0

If an error occurs during editing, this is no longer a problem, thanks to versioning. You can easily restore older drafts using the new "Revert entry to this version" button.

Entry Version in Craft 2
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