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New in Craft CMS 1.2

Craft CMS 1.2 - Teaser
Craft 1.2 has been released and includes two major new features and about 100 improvements. The introduction of the Singles and Structures section types changes how content is managed in Craft.

Section types

Craft CMS 1.2 Dashboard

Sections are perfect for managing entries where the order is not so important. But what if the order does matter? Take a channel and constantly adjust the date to change the order?

Craft 1.2, therefore, introduces two section types:

  • Singles: For content requiring unique fields, like the homepage.
  • Structures: Repeating entries whose order can be changed manually and where a hierarchical order is possible.


Pixel & Tonic recommended using globals for unique content pages like the homepage. For me, this has always been just a stopgap solution, and apparently, the Craft makers have realized that.

Singles have two advantages: It never made semantic sense to manage a unique page only in one place within the project under "Globals". But even more critical is that singles can also use the live preview, which improves the management enormously.


Structures are entries over which you have full control in terms of sequence. Multi-level structures can also be created in a tree structure. Furthermore, the URL format can be adjusted and, if desired, the nesting can be represented.

Entry types

Each entry can now contain different types. For example, the blog section can contain articles and links, as Daring Fireball implements.

Previously, you had to provide the link and article fields within an entry and then have the frontend output the correct ones. From now on, each entry type can have its individual fields, and you can choose between the different types above the entry.

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