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New in Craft CMS 1.0

Craft CMS 1.0 - Teaser
Finally, Craft CMS was released in version 1, and 36 new features and improvements have been integrated compared to the beta. Especially the live preview makes open mouths when you test it for the first time.

Live preview

Especially the live preview is great because you can call up a live preview of the website in the editor and follow the changes in real-time. So no more saving a draft, displaying a preview in a new browser tab, which you then have to manually reload after making changes, as with other CMS. In Craft, you can see your editor with all the fields on the left and how the content is displayed on the website on the right.

Further innovations

Craft 1 is more modular than the beta versions of the last weeks. Content, pages, categories, and users can be linked dynamically with various fields. There are 13 field types: from color codes to checkboxes to numbering or file uploads.

You can build each page and each category individually according to your wishes using these fields. Also, new on board is a powerful search function.

Training, documentation, and website

If you didn't take part in the beta version and want to learn version 1 directly, Mijingo has the proper video series for you. Ryan Irelan teaches the necessary craft basics, including Twig templating in 2.5 hours.

Instead of trying it out yourself, you should work through the new official documentation. Learn about the Control Panel, Twig Primer, or other basics.

To convince your employer or customers of Craft, you should visit the new official website, where the most important features of the CMS but also learning resources are shown. The new update site combines a list of past releases and a roadmap for planned features.

To all of you who helped us test the 1.0 release and translate the CP, we wholeheartedly thank you. We’d also like to thank Low for helping us out with Search, Brendon Carr for helping us with the new license agreement, Ryan Irelan for busting his butt to get the videos done in time, and EngineHosting for their continued hosting and support. And of course, a huge thanks to all of you who have been using Craft throughout the private and public betas. You are all wonderful people. - Pixel & Tonic
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