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Dot All 2018 Videos

Dot All 2018 - Videos
A month and a half ago, Dot All 2018 took place in Europe for the first time. Those who couldn't or didn't want to make the trip to Berlin now have the opportunity to catch up on the presentations on Vimeo.

State of Craft 2018 - Brandon Kelly

Inclusion Through Engineering at PBS Kids – Aaron Berkowitz

Accessibility: It Matters to Everyone – Kaitlyn Martinez

Architecting a Content Website – Souvik Das Gupta

How to Migrate Legacy Content to Craft Without Losing Your Sanity – James Greig

Scaling Craft Sites for Large Launches - Matt Weinberg

Using Our Superpowers for Good – Eryn O'Neil

Effective Development Lifecycle with PhpStorm - Kirill Smelov & Andrey Sokolov

Prioritizing Author Experience – Katie Fritz

Beyond the Small Business; Advanced Tools and Configurations – Nate Iler

Webpack, Gulp, and Babel, Oh My! – Jake Dohm

Multilingual Sites in Craft 3 – Zoltan Varady

Design Processes and Systems in Craft – Courtney Bradford

Modern Frontends Using Craft CMS, React, and GraphQL – Paulo Elias

Building a Smarter Craft Commerce Website – Stephen Callender

Running Craft as a 12-Factor App on Heroku – Bob Olde Hampsink

Building IoT Solutions Using Core CMS Features – Nicolas Le Guillou

A Real-Life Journey into the Opinionated World of Utility First CSS – Simon Vrachliotis

The Art of Plugin Development – Ben Croker

Making a Craft CMS Website that FLIES – Andrew Welch

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