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Andreas Linnert

Web Developer

Andreas Linnert is an experimental and curious web and software developer. He primarily develops websites with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. Besides his passion for ECMAScript, he has discovered Craft CMS for himself and offers several tutorials about it on his blog.

On what craft-based web projects have you worked?

Why are you using Craft CMS?

It gives me the freedom to implement a website fully according to my ideas and, simultaneously, quickly.

What was your first craft project? it was planned as a portfolio with a blog on technical topics. At the same time, it was my experimental project to familiarize myself with Craft. The basic functionality was ready after one weekend.

Screenshot fom

What's your favorite project you've done with Craft CMS?

My Linnert Media website. Simply because the nature of this website allows me to experiment a lot with minimalistic style elements, but a revision is already in planning.

What are the biggest benefits of Craft?

  • The framework-like structure
  • Image transformation on demand
  • A lot can be achieved without plugins

What improvements to the content management system would you like to see?

  • Better error handling for file uploads for entries would be nice. At the moment, I often need several attempts until the uploads work error-free as planned.
  • Fewer clicks could be required for configuration. Currently frequent jumping between fields, assets, sections, etc., is required).
  • A more compact and faster input of table-like data without fixed order or automatic sorting (for example, appointments) would be excellent.

What are your favorite plugins?

So far, I do not use any plugins. Except for two of my developments:

  • A small visitor counter
  • A guest book