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30-day trial and new field types

Craft CMS 1.0 - Dashboard
Pixel & Tonic has released the sixth update to Craft since the public beta launch. The changes in the last three weeks have mostly been minor improvements, bug fixes, and security issues.

With today's update, new functions are provided for the first time; for example, two new field types are integrated.

Table field type

Pixel & Tonic became known through ExpressionEngine plugins like Matrix. It is, therefore, all the more surprising that Craft has so far managed without Matrix. Such a function is still planned but will probably not appear shortly and then probably as a paid plugin.

The new table field type can serve as a small emergency solution. Several columns can be provided with their heading, width, and type (single-line, multi-line, number). Columns and rows can be moved by drag & drop, and you can also iterate through the rows in the template using For-Loop.

Date field type

The date field type is a jQuery date picker that can be used to save dates as MySQL DATETIME, allowing for dates before January 1, 1970.

30 days trial version

With the current Craft release, the "Try" button has been added to the "Buy" button. Once this button is activated, any desired Craft package can be tested for free. The desired package is installed immediately and from then on you have - without credit card constraint - 30 days to consider a purchase.

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