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Craft - Switch to Laravel or Symfony possible

In the aftermath of his "State of Craft" talk, Brandon Kelly was asked if a move from Yii to Laravel was part of the Craft roadmap.

According to Kelly, it has not yet been decided whether Craft will move to Yii 3, Laravel or Symfony. They are currently somewhat favoring Symfony, but this is not a decision that is coming soon. For Craft 4 and 5 there are more important things to implement.

Craft Cloud wird PaaS

Craft Cloud was originally planned as a headless Craft as a service and was limited in terms of features (no templates or plugins).

Due to negative feedback, development was restarted and the service will return as PaaS (Platform as a Service) for all Craft CMS projects and launch in 2022.

The new Craft demo sites are currently running with Craft Cloud and the official Craft website will also get a relaunch using Craft Clod.

Craft 3.7 last minor release of Craft 3

Craft 3.7 will be the last minor release of Craft 3. This was announced by Brandon Kelly at this year's Dot All.

New features will only come again with Craft 4, which will be released in Q2 2022. From 2022 on, there will be annual releases of major versions. So 2022 Craft 4 and Commerce 4, 2023 Craft 5 and Commerce 5 and so on.

Dot All 2021 takes place as an online event

Due to the ongoing pandemic and related entry problems, Dot All 2021 in Amsterdam was cancelled at the beginning of September. However, this time the event is not cancelled completely, as it was in 2020, but will be replaced by an online event that will take place on October 20-21.

Tickets cost 59 US dollars and the complete program will be announced soon.