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Dot All 2019 Videos

Dot All 2019 - Videos
Crafts jährliche Konferenz Dot All fand vom 18. bis 20. September 2019 in Montreal statt. Wem die Reise nach Kanada zu aufwändig oder teuer war, kann jetzt die Vorträge auf Vimeo nachholen.

State of Craft 2019 - Brandon Kelly

Headless Commerce with Craft CMS and Gatsby - Brian Hanson

Progressively enhance your Craft site with Vue - Francesca Buratti

Impostor Syndrome and the Creative Industry - Jay Collett

David and Goliath: How a bespoke CMS can compete (and beat) industry leaders - John Lamb

Content Strategy – How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Complex Site Structures - Nick Spriggs & Allyssa Price

Oops–I guess we’re full-stack developers now - Chris Coyier

Fortifying Craft for High Traffic - Prateek Rungta

Comparing JAMstack to LAMP - Andrew Welch

Testing with Craft - Giel Tettelaar

Connecting All Dots - Henri Helvetica

Crafting for the Author: 7 Principles for Improving Author Experience - Kyle Cotter

Craft in Docker: Everything I’ve Learnt - Matt Gray

A Flexible, Future-Proof Way to Structure Craft Commerce Products - Stephen Callender

The Great Beyond - Managing a Migration to Craft - Andrew Armitage

Using AWS Lambda and Feed Me to Create an Automated Content Pipeline - Juan Ramirez

The Stoic Developer - Sam Hernandez

Feet on the ground, head(less) in the cloud with Craft CMS - Mike Pierce & Dimitri Steinel

The Future of Web Development Panel - Ryan Irelan, Andrew Welch, Chris Coyier, Matsuko Friedland, & Marion Newlevant

JAMstack for Agencies and Teams Lunch and Learn – Full Video with Q&A

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Selbstständiger Webentwickler, der 2005 mit WordPress-Websites anfing, dann zu ExpressionEngine wechselte und 2013 sein Herz an Craft CMS verlor. Als Gründer von Craftentries, berichtet er seit 2015 über das Craft-Ökosystem.

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